The Tuscan Olive Grove

At Boschetto Toscano

The Olive Grove at Boschetto Toscano

The restoration and Olive Oil Production

For years the Olive Grove at Villa Barcarelli (as it was known in the old days) was abandoned. HUNDREDS of beautiful trees were being overrun by bush, brambles and vines. It was one of the main reasons I wanted the villa to be honest. I really wanted to restore and turn it into a producing olive grove. The fact that it also came with a stunning luxury villa that I knew so well from holidaying here for over 10 years was the crème on the top!

Free to Explore

While staying at the villa you may take a stroll under the olive trees and through the grounds. It’s a wonderful place to find some shade and sample some of Tuscany’s local wines.

Or take a break at a bench and read a book or just relax the day away before returning to the pool.

Moving forward at the grove

Now the grove (thank you to amazing tree sponsors!) is a fully functioning olive grove. And this year we managed to acquire our own olive press. Meaning from tree to plate/bottle is a matter of hours!

Although we now produce amazing oil, we are a long way from having the grove fully open. However, with tree sponsors and grove family, we are getting there one tree at a time.

We have a long way to go and a LOT more trees to recover from the bush. So please also do take a look at how you can help The Tuscan Grove and locals who work here by visiting here.