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Planning an off-site meeting? Or planning your next in-house meeting. Usual building, usual room, usual table, usual seat, usual spot on the wall distracting you from why you were there in the first place! Off-site meetings or brainstorming session are highly beneficial for any sized business for a number of reasons. Not least of all the productivity of your team during a meeting. Consider the following reasons:

Off-site Meetings promote focus and productivity.

Less distractions and the focus on the event is the primary objective of the whole trip. Having your meeting off-site means all the daily distractions of the office are just not there. We all know what it’s like. Our most productive time is after hours, or early morning or on the plane flying 36000 feet in the air! Why? Because the distractions have all but gone, meaning you can focus fully on the task at hand. Off-site meetings or brainstorming sessions are no different. Your team is focussed on the objectives of the meeting and the trip. Making it easier to get the job done. If you are booking your next big meeting for your corporation, then contact us so we can help you ensure its success.

Meeting in Person

Often using technology is the easy way. However, it isn’t always the most productive. An off-site meeting puts you with a person or group of people getting actual face time. Taking that to the next level means you get face time without the interruptions (see our first reason). This is vital in building successful working relationships and gauging the response of your team 1st hand and in a situation conducive to a successful result.

Creativity boost!

Watch your team walk into the board room next time. They probably follow the same path to the same boardroom (could get there with their eyes closed), sit at the same chair and wait for you to pause to give the appropriate response. Not exactly encouraging the thinking and creativity your business needs! An offsite meeting in Tuscany breathes life and creativity into any offsite or brainstorming session. Not only is it a completely different environment, it has art and culture flowing through the air in rooms steeped in history having been around for a few hundred years and renovated to be modern and light and containing all the IT you need. You and your team will create something special here as our setting is as conducive to creativity and free thinking as water is to life! In fact, we have some amazing water colours of the region just to prove it!

Encourage Collaboration

A team that functions well together works together well. Simple. By having your offsite at our luxury villa, your team will be together for meetings, dinners and team building exercises. They will get to know one another more, learn to work together more effectively and appreciate each team member for what they have to offer. People bond more when happy. Here at Villa Marae we specialise in luxury happiness. If happiness and luxury are the keys, we just built a master key to open every opportunity for your off-site meeting.

Please email us so we can help you get the most from your next brainstorm or meeting.

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