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Staff Training and Customer Service Training | Empowering your staff in Tuscany

Bringing your staff up-to-speed or training on new products is a vital part of any business. Ensuring your staff are fully trained in a product or in dealing with customers can make or break a business.

Providing a comfortable environment means your staff are more receptive to the training and take it in more easily. Using a venue away from the office means your staff will be fully focussed on the training without the distractions of the everyday running of the business. Increasing the quality of time spent on training means you will require less training for staff.

A distracted staff member who is waiting for a phone to ring, thinking about what they are doing next, wondering if that client has emailed can’t concentrate because it is the same old room in the same old building. They won’t be taking in what they are learning so will need more training at the expense of the business and probably of the customer experience.

Bringing your staff to an off-site venue in Italy such as Villa Marae means your staff will be focussed on the training and what they are trying to learn. While at the same time bonding through a shared experience without the stresses and distractions of the business place.

We have full IT, AV and training facilities. Both in rooms and outside in the tranquil setting of the Tuscan country side. So please email us with numbers and what you would like to achieve through the training so we can send you through the best options.

Packages include accommodation, dining, refreshments and team building or activities for your group like wine tastings or cooking courses if required.

Please contact us so we can help you help your staff.

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