The Tuscan Grove Project – Your own slice of Tuscany

Have your own slice of Tuscany by sponsoring a tree (or trees)

We have created a fabulous opportunity for you to have your very own slice of Toscana (And a free luxury holiday!). Have you dreamed of having your little place under the Tuscan sun? Love the romance of the Tuscan lifestyle. Fallen in love with, as we have, the food, the culture, the people, the very essence of life in Tuscany?

Then you will love what we have created at The Tuscan Grove.

We have a beautiful little olive grove here at Boschetto Toscano with about 100 trees that guests may amble through and take in the ambience of the olive trees. However, this has not been a working olive grove for some time, more like a garden to walk through and enjoy.

One day a couple of the old workers came up to say hello. Told me they all used to work on the grove and a neighbour’s and were curious to see who had now bought the villa. Of course, this lead to a fair amount of wine and laughter with people who instantly became old friends (the Tuscan Way).

So, after asking them how 100 trees produced anywhere near the work to employ them …. They took me down to see the other 450 trees I knew nothing about! I asked them what they were doing now, and it turned out they, like many of the people in the area, have been replaced by machines. Machines also affect the quality of the oil, which I knew already so this had me thinking instantly.

The grove is on 20 acres which is not actually part of the Villa grounds (still part of the larger estate), so it wouldn’t affect guests in the villa except to give them another place to take a wander down, read a book, drink a glass of wine or just revitalise the spirit.

How could I turn this beautiful olive grove into a working olive grove and give these people their lives back, while at the same time producing only the finest hand picked organic olive oil in Tuscany. The simple answer was – Tree sponsorship. Allowing others to share in my dream and giving them their own slice of Tuscany. Each tree sponsor would receive organic olive oil every year and can visit their tree whenever they wanted.

So we created a tree sponsorship program that everybody who loves Tuscany would love to be a part of.

” You are welcome to visit your tree anytime and we would LOVE to see you. If you are staying at Villa Marae, or nearby in another property, we and your tree(s) will welcome you at the grove.” – Simon Fraser, owner of Villa Marae (the Tuscan Kiwi)

A Free Luxury Week for Two for all Tree Fanatic Sponsors

We would like you to have the below as a gift, our way of saying thank you for helping.

  • A luxurious week for two at Villa Marae to use anytime in next 3 years to 2019-2021 (subject to availability)
  • An alfresco meal with us based on the olive oil coming direct from the trees
  • A chance to pick some of the olives from your own trees or watch them being done (if you visit during harvesting)
  • Have an olive oil tasting with lunch in the olive grove amongst your trees
  • See the whole process including pressing on an Olive Grove tour (if you visit during harvesting)

A Tree Fanatic Sponsorship is a one-off payment of €1000 (£875)

The Tuscan Grove

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