Cycling Holiday in Tuscany for Cycling Groups

Luxury Private Villa Rental in Tuscany for Cycling Groups

Cycling in Tuscany has taken off in recent years. The scenery and majestic views with the winding roads and hills climbs, make it a natural place for really heading out there. Using Villa Marae as your luxury villa rental in Tuscany means you can get to almost every cycling route with ease. We have courses from 5 kilometres to 200 kilometres (For the more advance we can have even further!). AND you can do a different course every day taking you cycling past different areas of Tuscany with every ride.

With so many cyclists in Tuscany, road users are well aware of the dangers of passing groups and in general respect all road users. We have a few tips and guides for cycling locally to get the most from your enjoyment of the area.

Available to plan your journey are local maps and cycle GPS with courses pre-plotted to make it easy for you to follow the path, or just ride where you like and use the GPS to bring you on back. The GPS already have the roads blocked where cyclists are not allowed, so rest assured it will be plain cycling for your whole journey.

We can provide energy meals, drinks and snacks designed to be lightweight, nutritional and tasty! We have a full repair and workshop equipment for bikes on hand and a local bike specialist for major repairs when needed during your stay. We can also provide high quality bike rental for those of your group who are trying it for the first time or if you are coming from as far afield as New Zealand and bringing the bike for a couple of days is just too far (or not if you are like us).

Being a Luxury Private Villa which goes the extra mile (see what we did there), means we have services you will not get with your usual villa rentals when cycling. In-house sports massage, private chefs who specialise in cuisine for activity-based holidays while utilising the local Tuscan flavours, transport to and from rides if travelling further afield and relaxation therapists allowing you to recoup for the next day on your cycle around Tuscany.

For full information please email, including any specialist services you may require.