Workshops in Tuscany

Workshops In Tuscany | Learn something new in Tuscany

Onsite work-shops are a great way to learn something new. Offered as group activities or solo as part of our luxury retreats, they are perfect as an addition to group holidays, corporate retreats, staff training days etc. They are custom designed for each group of attendees and can cater for both the beginner and experienced in any of the activities.

For safety reason we may require some experience in the activities, so please email us with which you would like to do and the experience/number of your group. We will then help you plan Tuscan workshops tailored perfectly for you.

If you would like to participate in a workshop from the below list but would like to come on your own or as a couple, email us and we will give you dates of workshops being run by us in an all-inclusive week. All are welcome and welcomed by us.


Examples of workshops include:

If you have an idea or requirement not in the below list, just ask.

Art Workshops

Painting Workshops

Drawing Workshops

Clay Work Workshops

Craft Workshops

Fitness Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Karate & Self-defence


Cooking Courses

Pasta Making Workshops

Wine Appreciation Workshops

Cycling & Mountain Biking Workshops

Horse Riding (Dressage & Show Jumping)

Mountaineering Workshops

Living Off Nature – including Fungi (Mushrooms & Truffles)

Singing and Music Workshops


Mixologist (Barman) Training

Computer & IT Training Workshops

Internet for Beginners Workshops

Going Social, Social Media Development

Upper Management Social Training – What are my staff talking about?? The viral what now? (know what your staff are saying, doing and how to evaluate them)

Internet Marketing Workshops

Online Business Development Workshops